THE CHILL OF THE MORNING AIR sent a gentle shiver down my spine as I crawled out of my tent. In the distance I heard the call of a loon welcoming the dawn of another day.  An orange hue painted the eastern sky, making the wispy fog over the lake dance like fire. I followed... Continue Reading →

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I've learned a lot about myself over the last 49 years, but I'm still learning and growing. I know that I can deal with pain, and I'm not afraid of it. I know the physical burden of chronic migraine and kidney stones, but I don't let them stop me. Through my experiences in endurance sports... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, when you least expect it, the Holy Spirit speaks to you in that still, small voice that reverberates through your being like a thousand-watt-sub-woofer pounding in your chest. Sometimes you catch something in the corner of your eye that you can't un-see. This morning I was doing my devotional reading on the YouVersion Bible... Continue Reading →

Word for the Weekend #5: Witness

According to, Witness is derived from the Old English word wit. It generally referred to  having knowledge and/or understanding. We've heard of people said to have a quick wit, meaning that they are mentally sharp, or "amusingly clever in perception and expression." So, a witness would imply someone who has knowledge of some fact. In this... Continue Reading →

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