THE CHILL OF THE MORNING AIR sent a gentle shiver down my spine as I crawled out of my tent. In the distance I heard the call of a loon welcoming the dawn of another day.  An orange hue painted the eastern sky, making the wispy fog over the lake dance like fire. I followed... Continue Reading →

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Growing up as a child of a career soldier I had the privilege of living in Germany as well as all over the United States. While in Germany I was blessed to be able to travel and see a large portion of Europe. While I did learn some German--enough to get myself in trouble, but... Continue Reading →

How Would You Live Differently?

I've been thinking a lot about death lately; not in a morbid, fatalistic sort of way, though. I've been giving serious thought to how I would live if I knew I would be dead soon. I have an acquaintance who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  He's been through chemo which bought him a... Continue Reading →

Stand back up!

"If our Father had never let us fall, we would never have learned how to stand back up." I remember holding onto the seat of that little blue bike and running behind to make sure that my son didn't crash to the ground. "He's so little," I rationalized to myself.  "Don't let go, daddy," he yelled.... Continue Reading →

Finding Christ in the Crisis

We need to find Christ in the crisis.  We need to look past our current circumstances to the hope and future that God has planned for us.  We need to take hold of Jesus' hand and let him lead us and teach us through the storms of life.

Flee Mediocrity, Live Intentionally!

A life unlived is a premature death. What is mediocrity?  Some would tell you, and accurately so, that mediocrity is settling for a life that is below your potential, staying put in a life of good enough. A mediocre life accomplishes little, if anything, of value or importance. It's ambition is to not "rock the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Judge Me…Love Me!

"The first step beyond salvation for the believer should be a deep understanding of grace and sanctification." I think we have all felt the sting of a judgmental look or comment, piercing our hearts like an arrow.  We may have been in a great mood, but we find ourselves knocked to the floor with a... Continue Reading →

Find Your Focus and Toe the Line

Not long ago I completed a half-Ironman.  In the months leading up to the race a quick look at my training calendar would tell you that my training was more like a part-time job.  I was averaging around 20 hours per week.  I was able to direct my focus powerfully because I had a very... Continue Reading →

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