Several times each and every day we are forced to choose between living a life of wonder or having a crappy attitude. I admit it.  For nearly all of my 48 years of life I have had a bad attitude.  I've had a poor self image, and even the successes I've had in life have... Continue Reading →

THE CHILL OF THE MORNING AIR sent a gentle shiver down my spine as I crawled out of my tent. In the distance I heard the call of a loon welcoming the dawn of another day.  An orange hue painted the eastern sky, making the wispy fog over the lake dance like fire. I followed... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Ironman Triathlon

I have always loved individual sports.  Swimming. Running. Wrestling. I found some success in events that pitted me not only against others, but also against myself.  I guess I never really had the patience for sitting around on the sidelines and waiting my turn.  My attention span is shorter than a lot of other people,... Continue Reading →

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