On Reformation Sunday I posted that we need to experience a new reformation. We, like the church in Luther's day, have lost sight of the important things and have inserted our own rituals, ideas, and errors. Given that today is Reformation Day, I was hesitant to post anything more about the reformation out of concern... Continue Reading →

Mindful Mondays! #1

I'm excited to introduce a new weekly feature on Skipping Stones: Mindful Mondays. A significant aspect of my spiritual growth plan involves mindfulness. Mindfulness can be defined as: "the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something" (From Google). As a discipline of faith, mindfulness can be used in several different ways. Over... Continue Reading →


The following is from my journal this morning. I try not to think too much when I journal, but rather I just write whatever comes from my heart. I want to be clear that I am not anti-Catholic. I was baptized Catholic. We have some ideological differences but the same Lord. I have no real beef... Continue Reading →

The Rubber Duck Dilemma

I've been following my own experiment on dealing with habitual sin. I've also been trying to make myself continually aware of God's presence in my life. These things are a major part of my spiritual growth plan. I seek to "attain to the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of... Continue Reading →


Growing up as a child of a career soldier I had the privilege of living in Germany as well as all over the United States. While in Germany I was blessed to be able to travel and see a large portion of Europe. While I did learn some German--enough to get myself in trouble, but... Continue Reading →

Stand back up!

"If our Father had never let us fall, we would never have learned how to stand back up." I remember holding onto the seat of that little blue bike and running behind to make sure that my son didn't crash to the ground. "He's so little," I rationalized to myself.  "Don't let go, daddy," he yelled.... Continue Reading →

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