The following is from my journal this morning. I try not to think too much when I journal, but rather I just write whatever comes from my heart. I want to be clear that I am not anti-Catholic. I was baptized Catholic. We have some ideological differences but the same Lord. I have no real beef with any denomination because Jesus is not a religion. That said:

It’s Reformation Sunday, the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses to the Wittenburg Chapel door. That moment moved Christianity back in the direction of relationship over religion. It was a big step, but small at the same time. It was drastic, but only a beginning.

We need a new reformation, however! Christ has become a thing instead of the Thing. He needs to sit on the throne of my heart instead of waiting in the queue for a chance to have an audience with me. If Christ doesn’t have all of my heart, He has none of it. If He doesn’t have all of my life, He has none of it.

He offers freedom but we cling to law. He offers peace but we choose chaos.

We try to manipulate Him into giving us what we want instead of receiving gratefully what He freely gives that we so desperately need.

We are reformed, but are we re-formed? We’ve been born but are we re-born. Have we been radically changed from the inside or are we the same old wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Do we hide behind the word Grace to excuse ur willful sin?

Jesus is for us and not against us, yet we often see Him as some sort of cosmic kill-joy, fun-sucker, bent on ensuring that we don’t get too much pleasure out of this life.

When we do obey it’s so that we get credit, a gold star on the chart on God’s refrigerator. Where is the kind of love that sacrifices all for the sake of the Beloved?

Yes, It’s Reformation Sunday. We must remember the acts of those who changed the way mankind can approach God, who believed the Word of God, counted the cost and turned from the way of ritual to the way of relationship. But then let us evaluate what parts of our own lives need to be reformed.


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