Word for the Weekend: Staples

None of my standard methods of brainstorming a word of the day seemed to be working, so I took a look at the things on my desk. I saw the paper clips, but was at a loss as to how I could possibly relate them to discipleship. With the speed of a tuna fish sandwich my mind found its way to staples. I hope that you are as excited as I am to see how this turns out!

We are all familiar with staples, the thin wires which we process through–what else?–a stapler which pushes the pointed ends through the items we wish to keep together and folds the ends over to secure them in a bunch. They can also come in the form of U-shaped flattened wire, intended to hold wires or other things to walls, etc. Staples are also used at the end of surgeries to secure the incision until it can heal. Another use, not often thought of, landed me in the vice-principal’s office in Junior High. I found that if you take an individual staple and put it between your upper and lower front teeth with the points facing in, you can shoot them from your mouth and annoy people!

While there are things in our Christian walk that we want to ensure stay together–like prayer and humility, or grace and the way we treat others–I wanted to draw your attention somewhere else.

Another use of the word staple or staples refers to primary or essential elements of something, particularly with regard to diet. So many people in the United States, and multiplied millions throughout the world, don’t have enough food, and more specifically the right kinds of food. The food that the do get often doesn’t provide the necessary nutrients to keep their bodies healthy. I confess that I am blessed. Most often, “nothing to eat” means that there’s nothing I can pop in the microwave and consume minutes later. Cooking is an inconvenience for me, but so many would be happy to cook if they had access to the food in my refrigerator, freezer and cupboards.

I want to encourage you to be mindful of your blessings this weekend. Please consider making a donation to a local food pantry or soup kitchen, or make a donation to Samaritan’s Purse, World Vision, Food for the Hungry, or another hunger relief organization. I promise you that you won’t miss your donation, and others will never forget it.

Blessings on your weekend!

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