Exciting News About Skipping Stones!

I have been so blessed to have been able to share short to medium length posts five days a week for about a year-and-a-half. I’ve had months that made me re-think whether I had actually been called to do this. And of late, I have had reassurances that, in fact, I have.

In the beginning I had some difficulty coming up enough ideas to publish once or twice per week, so the move to five days per week was a stretch of my faith.

From the start, it has been my intention to help fellow believers learn to be more mindful, and more intentional, about their walk with Christ. That has not, and will not, change. As I have been mindfully considering how best to serve you, and how to reach more of you, I will be changing up the format a little.

Beginning Monday, March 18, I will be posting on one subject over the course of each week. The Monday post will feature the main scripture verse for the week along with a question or two to think about throughout your day. Posts on Tuesday through Thursday will have either a scripture or a quote, along with another mindful question or two. The week will culminate in Friday’s post, which will likely be a bit longer than my current posts. In this post I will pull together the things we have pondered throughout the week.

It may seem odd to make such a big change while the blog is finally beginning to get more traffic. But I believe that the shorter posts during the week will be something with which you can engage more easily without necessitating a greater expenditure of time. And having the longer post on Friday will give you more flexibility in finding the time to read. It is my prayer and deep desire that this change will allow me to engage with a larger audience while still providing inspiration to love and serve God more fully every single day.

God has always called me to teach. I believe that this format change will allow me to model, and let you enter into, my process. It will also allow me to redirect my time to a deeper study of God’s Word, which will ultimately benefit us all.

I value your time and your opinions. Please feel free to leave a comment below. I thank you in advance for your continued readership!

Blessings on your week!

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