Am I Stupid?

”Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid” (Proverbs 12:1, ESV)

Catchy title, huh? It’s meant to be rhetorical, but comment away if you must!

My first two years of University were spent at a large, and well-known, “party school.” I had become serious about my faith a couple of years earlier, and I was not the partying kind. I became involved in several Christian groups on campus, in addition to leading a Bible study in my dorm. While surrounded by Christians in most of my free time, I had singled out a few individuals, asking them to hold me accountable.

I gave them permission to speak into my life, pointing out things in me that needed to be dealt with. I asked for discipline. Despite my youth, I had enough sense to understand that correction held great value.

When I transferred to a Christian college for my Junior and Senior years I was surrounded by Christians nearly every moment of every day. I never really felt the need to choose accountability partners there. I suppose I felt that the sheer number of eyes on me would keep me in line. And, they did.

After college I never really found someone who could fill the void of friend and counselor. Perhaps I never really looked that hard.

But now I recognize my stupidity. We never outgrow our need for discipline. In our youth we look forward to the day that we don’t have to live by anyone else’s rules, however that mindset puts us “behind the 8-ball.” When we choose to isolate, and insulate ourselves and our faith. We don’t want anyone to see the skeletons of sin inside our proverbial closets. We stupidly choose to avoid any unpleasantness that might arise from someone else knowing our secrets and sins.

But, according to Proverbs 12:1 such an attitude is stupid. I’ll say it again, we never outgrow our need for discipline. If we desire to become more like Christ, we must be open to discipline. We need the external discipline that we get from God directly through His Word and in prayer. We need the external discipline that comes from an accountability partner or partners. And we need internal discipline to recognize in ourselves the things we need to change, and the internal discipline to follow God’s leading.

Am I stupid? Are you stupid? We must decide for ourselves. Please feel free to comment on your experiences.

Blessings on your day!

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Image by Robert Prax from Pixabay.

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