Health Update

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I announced that I was stepping away from writing indefinitely due to Vestibular Migraine. Since then I have been trying more treatments, unsuccessfully, and advocating for myself.

I requested my neurologist to order some additional testing. Thankfully, those tests suggest that my headaches, vertigo, and several other symptoms could be caused by a rare condition called Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence. Basically, there is a hole in one of the canals within my ear. This hole is in contact with the “sac” around the brain.

I have an appointment with a specialist in the middle of May. I’m hopeful that he will help me find some relief that will enable me to concentrate enough to write again.

I appreciate your prayers!


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  1. Tim, so good to hear that they may have found a possible cause—and hopefully, a forthcoming cure for your constant headaches! I will be praying!! Thank you for your post!! Sending hugs, Marilyn



  2. Hi Tim: Thanks for letting me know! I think of you often concerning your problems with migraines! I am so relieved and happy to hear you will be seen at Mayo in May! Hopefully and prayerfully you will receive satisfactory answers and long-awaited answers! I will continue to pray for you, dear Friend! You are a good man and you need some answers! In our risen Christ, Vonnie!

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